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A movie and companionship

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Warner Bros. In fact, it rarely ends. So here are our 10 recommendations for feel-good dog movies to watch with your furry friend.

More importantly, we could supply you with a list of dog movies not to watch. Anything Tom Hanks is a must-watch, but this ans the epitome of canine companionship.

To Really Love Someone

Sounds like a home run to us. Great ending though, still trying to figure out how Hooch made it with Lassie.

Ah yes, the reluctant father to a swarm of needy children who want a dog. Obviously, he gets roped into taking care of it and ends up almost having it put down on accident, calm yourself before saving the dog and having about five a movie and companionship. But it still makes us weep every time.

Luckily, we have our dogs with us to wipe our snot on their convenient fur coats. A classic Disney movie with a pretty solid live-action remake starring Glenn Close.

a movie and companionship The Cruela DeVille prequel looks to ocmpanionship taking shape, but nothing tops the original movie. If you have trouble choosing between cat and dog but also have a fear of flying to foreign countries, Milo and Otis will solve all yours problems.

Find a movie buddy online - The Hindu

But this graphic does adequately illustrate our thoughts on the whole cat vs. Justin Theroux is slated to be involved in the remake, most likely as the tramp.

Although, Timmy does get himself in a heap-load of trouble, leaving that poor dog to figure it out on her. In fact, the movie has other exotic clmpanionship communicating at a higher level, like bears and Christina Applegate.

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The Maskmakes for another non-dog movie with a furry friendship for the lead. Anything animated involving dogs is pretty much going to win us.

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There, that ought to keep you busy. Now, just so you know, it starts off a little adn but hang in there for the payoff.

Sounds like another home run.